I was born in autumn 1987. Currently, I am a student of two programs — "Contemporary Art" and "Illustration," working on a thesis " Transmedia translation of a literary text into an animated one.” An author of literary magazines, I have studied painting, performance, and video art from various masters. In my practice, I use medium hybrids to create the most voluminous statement possible.


installations, video art, ready-made, objet trouvé, photography, painting, graphics, collage, plaster. It is important for me to use performative practice, my own physicality, in order to act as a kind of guide between the statement, the realized object and the one who is looking at it.


The main theme is the Space of Timelessness. The ability to observe and reason without haste and pain (as if from the outside) of oneself, people, events and things. Personal and mental memory, mythology, trauma, relationships, the fragility of the world and of a person, fears, dreams and expectations — it is important for me to carefully select words and mediums in order to be correctly understood.


Moscow School of Contemporary Art (Contemporary Art).
British Higher School of Art & Design (illustration)
Interschool (Screenwriting)
Post-graduate student in the specialty "Linguistics and Literary Studies", master's degree in the specialties "Russian Literature", "Television journalism



  • 2021 – I Karelian Biennale of Fine Arts, Petrozavodsk
  • 2021 – U contemporary, Center for Contemporary Art Winzavod, "Liquidation.21", Moscow.
  • 2021 – Red Shop, Center for Contemporary Art Winzavod, "Double Solid", performance,Moscow.
  • 2021 – Gamma gallery, Moscow.
  • 2021 – Room and Wall in the Palace of Culture GAZA,"Hidden Figures", St. Petersburg
  • 2021 – U contemporary, Center for Contemporary Art Winzavod, "In Search of Light", Moscow.
  • 2020 – Lega Gallery, "Fundamentals of Isolated Art", Moscow.


  • 2010 - Art Museum. Kuindzhi


  • 2011 – Laureate of the Eastern Partnership Congress competition for the painting project "Fears of Countries". Exhibition-presentation of the winning works. Lublin, Poland.
  • 2008 – Scholarship Victor Pinchuk Foundation


  • 2017 – Book "Stories and Play", Westfalen, Gesamtherstellung Edita Gelsen, Germany.
  • 2009 – Collaboration with VIKTORANISIMOV 


Painters work for BURO.: participate in «Ликвидация.21»


Step by step 
my quiet stories are going round,
Step by step
walking silently
not along 
the time
Silence. Then a splash, and then silence again. A universe without beginning and end. Without time.
An ideal place for a storyteller. A place where nothing interferes or distracts. That is an exact place where we are going.

To the Space of Timelessness. What is it?

A borderline state. No rush, no pain, no appraisal. You can calmly show you what is important to me. Fears, dreams, words and expectations, memory and flight ... Go around it from all sides, consider, listen, tilting your head, and keep silent in response. In the world where I am a guide, there is no reaction. Longing, trembling, laughing or screaming — everything will come later. But this is no longer my story. It is outside the place where I act as a guide. I am a child who plays with time, who sees dreams in reality and can show them to you. If you want. And if I want to. This is how I play.

How do you see the Space of Timelessness?The collage of days is such a fragile feeling: everything trembles and can crumble into fragments at any minute. A house of cards in which even happiness hurts. We hid for too long, and we ran out of strength. This led me here, to the place of the Pause, where a new mythology is being born.Do you hear the measured tread of my characters, the creak of their chariots, the barking of dogs? Do you see their moons and suns going across the time? Do you look at everyday stories from the outside? Can you smell the fields without worrying or rushing?

This means that we are on the spot.
You are in my trap.
You got caught.
One small step out of the coordinate system of reality, and you are out of dimension and time.
Just fun, right?
This is that strong state before emotion, when you already see everything and you know everything, but there is still no analysis and reaction.
A moment or an hour? Years or seconds? 
The trap will certainly let go, but what you saw is unchanged. I will be your guide here, but in your world, it is important for me to remain unnoticed.

I'm just a storyteller. I set traps and show films which I watch myself.